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Meow Motel
Koh Samui, Thailand


About Meow Motel

Meow Motel was created for one single reason - to provide all your furry family with the comfort and support they need and deserve whilst you are travelling.  

We take care of every cat as if it was our own.  The cat will truly feel it is their second home.  

Your cat’s happiness is our number one priority.

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Boarding Checklist

  • No animal will be admitted that has symptoms of illness 

  • Copy of owner's ID 

  • Vaccination Certificate of each cat 

  • Feel free to pack your cat's favourite toys, a blanket or an article of yours such as a T-shirt; articles from home are comforting for your cat during their stay. We provide, free of charge:

    • cat tree

    • bed

    • toys

    • litter box

    • water/food dish


  • All reservations must be guaranteed with 50% of your boarding fees at the time of reservation. No guarantee is made for the availability of a particular date unless a reservation is secured. 

  • Bank transfer required.  Contact us for bank details.

  • The remainder payment is due at the time of dropping off your pet

  • Deposit may be fully refunded if cancellation is made at least 14 days prior to planned arrival date. 

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STANDARD ROOM - Approximately 2.5m x 2.5m

  • ​One cat 350 THB

  • Two cats 400 THB

  • Three cats 450 THB

DELUXE ROOM - Approximately 2m x 4m

  • Four cats 700 THB

  • Five cats 750 THB

  • Six cats 800 THB

Above rates include food and cat litter. ​

Discounted monthly rates are available.

All rooms are extremely spacious with windows and ventilation including toys and lots of sleeping places. 

With 24-hour care including certificates for first aid, pet sitting, grooming, pet nutrition and pet psychology, your pet will truly be contented.  

Pick-up and drop-off around Koh Samui  Island 500 THB, both ways.

Terms and Conditions

  • Only domesticated cat of at least 3 months old will be accepted

  • The cat must have all required vaccinations, be in good health, free of fleas, does not have any medical condition or disease, and not in last stages of pregnancy

  • In the unfortunate event of your cat becoming ill during a stay, we will make all reasonable efforts to contact you and arrange for vet visits if necessary. Any veterinary expenses are to the account of the owner​

Pet abandonment is a crime in Thailand under "the Animal Cruelty Prevention and Animal Welfare Provision Act, 2557 BE"

White Cat
cat resting

Opening Hours of the Cattery

Monday - Sunday: 9am - 6pm
Prior appointments required for pick up and drop off
Collection service upon request
For security reasons, absolutely NO WALK-INS are allowed.



All our rooms are extremely spacious with ventilation and windows.  Designed to make cats happy and comfortable.  Lots of toys and sleeping areas with 24 hour guaranteed human attendance at any time.

Standard Room
Standard Room
Pet Sitting Certificate
Deluxe Room
Standard Room
Deluxe Room
Pet Nutrition Certificate
Cute Kitten
Black or White!
Cadence and Luna
Testing the new bed
Erik - long stayer - one month
Pet Psychology Certificate
Two kitties from a family of three
Pet First Aid Certification
Harry & Sonny
Mama Cat


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Thank you Meow motel for taking such great care of my 2 babies, Cadence and Luna.
I loved getting pictures of them safe and happy at your cat motel.
I appreciated hearing from Deborah while we where away, checking in and giving us updates about the cats.
I highly recommend Deborah and the Meow Motel. It is very reassuring knowing we have such a great cat sitter on the island-
Thank you so very much!

Autumn Maddox MacTaggart